Stay in chronicles

Day God knows what of the quarantine. Boredom beyond measure little wonder though why I lost I lost count of days. Safe days now describes the days inside .Hours move fast but days are at a stand still .Every media outlet is out to be the to dispense the latest about this pandemic. Social media is filled with emphasis from the clergy to celebrities to politicians to medics on sanitizing and staying at home. My mind lurks to the time I dreamt of working from home. Well if this is what it is then I am officially an outdoor person. Normalcy has proven to be the only factor that restores balance in my life. Now that I haven’t much within my interests to do I can barely write a poem with brilliant rhyme or features of style. My day’s schedule resonates to that of many people of my age wakeatsleep without space in between. Surfing isn’t assured for one thing the internet coverage is relatively slow and I can’t afford it all day everyday. This seems like one long weekend capped with holidays.,but at night when the beast heads home to sleep, we too take a rest. The sun will rise and we’ll try again 💫

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