That’s mine too

With this pandemic at hand I’m unsure about lots of things. I have always believed in systems and working progress but the reckon of anything happening at anytime sounds loud. Some have explained it as distrust,doubt. Human beings are opiniative and to ever fully convince one to adopt your point of view and reasons is a task,a high calling sometimes. Wrong and right are variables. In a recent episode of my favourite soap opera a syndicate that deals with organ trade and child trafficking made me think so hard about ownership. One kid has a kidney failure. His father goes to this syndicate and gets a kid whose organ are compatible to that of his son;a certified donor. The mother to this certified donor’s on the chase to get her son,hot in pursuit she fights off the rich man’s security and gets now to the heroic dad,weak and unarmed. He asks her to understand her son really needed a kidney . Self preservation at peak. If the mother hadn’t caught up and overpowered the guards the rich guys son would survive at the expense of another’s son. To his family he’d be the hero,the life giver and to another a monster that stole from them a son. At one time during play offs game for division one ladies basketball,the game tempo was high,the scores were at a constant seesaw. The opponents star player was in her good day in the office dominating the floor of the court. At one time she and I were contending a rebound,I knew this was the time to win. Benching her at a crucial time of the game would bag us the win easily. She secured the ball and almost immediately let it go. She was on the floor in no minute writhing. Smart foul,only she and I know who had hurt her. Long story short we won.Such is the human damnation. We’d look out for ourselves over anything else,at all costs. Then cower behind the end justifies the means. I am glad my grades denied me access to a law school . Most cases are ruled in the line of reason(law or motive) vs goodwill(impact).I would fail terribly at that .Our choices on what to do on the land we buy has affected our seasons,agricultural calendars .. The will to cut or preserve vegetation lies entirely on the owner of the piece of land to add on what to plant when. The excessive rains experienced in East Africa, entirely our fault .Displaced families,massive landslides like never before, death toll rising each day from drowning and the most recent is waterborne diseases. Nature is crying and we’re soaking in it’s tears. Nature doesn’t forgive. Nature heals itself and we’ll always,as occupants of the earth pay the price;the impact which is mostly very costly. Displaced by a lake? She’s taking up her space. Rivers too. Our activities pushed them,now they’re reclaiming in much wrath. Perhaps even taking up part of what’s ours. Recently a borehole close to home started sinking in and water levels rising. I thought it’s about time the well ceased being used. Nature’s shouting :that too is mine. Self preservation that’s not in our favour. The hero’s a villain too.

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