If you wanna find love,go looking at home has always been a sooth. The lyrics and the voice are a balm to the soul. Such songs hit different when you’re in a karaoke night away from home and with a sugar rash,or so I thought. Sunday evening when folding clothes ahead of a long week and you’re filled with almost every other pleasures but love could also be the best fit for this jam. With the current pandemic at hand a good number of people want to stay alive. Waking up in a good shelter get a meal or two and just live on,that’s success and quite good enough. The East African region is experiencing flooding. The weatherman notifies that this will go on for the entire month and extend to June. This is a plank test. Don’t look it up it’s a phrase I just coined to suit my need . Anyone whose ever done planks before can attest that a minute during planks will seem to an equivalent of ten or so minutes. Time stops. Patience put to test . In Kenya the ravaging waters has claimed over 200 lives and displaced thousands more. The death toll has surpassed that of Corona by far and has no hope of ending anytime soon. It’s sad to think that Corona has been prioritised not just by the government but also my media outlet. The highest number of cases ever recorded in Kenya is 47,the fatalities stand at a bar below 50 too. So today while listening to my favourite harmony about home I thought of my home as Kenya .Masses of land wasting away is something we could have cured seasons back perhaps appease the gods of the earth with mulches,trees maybe. But now that her wrath has fully been poured there’s little we can do . The government and all those responsible stakeholders could show some love through temporal relocation,relief food maybe. Sad that we’re busy investing on a fight against an unseen enemy totally disregarding the one we can see. I hope that wasn’t too political a rant,my two cents opinion.

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