Dreams of my teensy

I have always wanted to date an athlete field or track..maybe like me they too have learnt that time’s gold,time’s everything.,it has always been a race against time. And when you’re winning and the score’s safe time becomes a lesser gamble but somehow the only thing holding the game any longer. I dreamt of holding hands to pray for my athlete before a game or practise..my palms are quite a size if you asked me to hold and squeeze away disappointment and loss as I speak life into my athlete. Involuntarily hold his hand while doing private practise. I had wanted to be a cheerleader,super fan who doesn’t shout the loudest during games but twines my zeal to his and suck that win. I wanted to walk into the arena the first one and see my athlete mans soak into his sweat. Or maybe come in a little late when everyone’s settled,with a gun in my purse cos I am dressed to kill. And if man’s team doesn’t bag the win,he still has a trophy-the A-game girlfriend-.I wanted to this beautiful left hand to always charm him right. And he’ll always,always be the champion long after the season is done.❤️

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