You don’t read anyone’s journal without their permission. Goes without saying I suppose. I mean what would you be looking for in someone else’s dreams,thoughts,ideas and experiences written down? The discipline to update the same however is demanding but a worthwhile course.

I have always wanted to keep a diary from back in the days when I was a small girl. At home, I shared a room with my two other sisters with little respect for personal space let alone personal property. My highschool days were even worse. I slept in a dormitory with over sixty of us. My class had yet another sixty making privacy just a dream. Not to mention how I have a whole load of friends and two nagging besties who shared in my life and space. My diary rules are quite simple,don’t look,touch or read it. If I found out you did,we can’t be friends. Conditions all the above make it almost impossible. After high school the need reckoned louder. Less friends, more time alone,viola. There are days when I didn’t find the right words to write down.,I would write lyrics of a song I love befitting to the mood of the day. Other days a bible verse would best fit in place of the daily diary entry. The people who make memories with me and need more than just a faint fond memory in my mind make their way into my diary,with love. I don’t make them heroes. It’s my story,I am the hero. They are the wings,the vibe,the energy. The lessons,truths,lies,hurt,the cheer all under one cover. No order predetermined,just as they come.

As a kid I loved playing hide and seek. Nowadays when I see kids playing it I really want to join in. But hey,I have learnt a lot. I have learnt how to hide my feelings,my social media status among other things. If I hid, I doubt anyone would find me. Reading people’s stories on WordPress and other blog sites make me feel a lesser writer. This blog page serves as a public journal. Talk of private work on public space.

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