No one’s ever ready for their first kiss. There’s hardly enough time and chance to think it over. You aren’t sure if it’s right to wait for it or if you’ll do it right all together.. Viv can I kiss you? My first boyfriend was kind enough to ask and I didn’t know if saying no was part of the script choices. I hope I did it well Pearl. I was a good while under the legal age,but I liked the guy. The venue wasn’t close to appropriate,in fact thinking about it now I feel that’s the most unromantic place anyone has ever had their first kiss. However all the 5 things he did that evening to make me feel special, though I can only recall one,cancel out the awkwardness of the venue. After that I have been on that good chase for the a thousand frogs and I could be a while past 50,still below low. In one of my kiss encounters I was surveying the body of the good guy with my long lovely fingers. I was wondering why he wasn’t touching me. The poor hand was gently tapped off,accidental much. It went back almost immediately,this time the kissing stopped and then came instructions.. Keep your hands to the most polite of tones. I am yet to recover from that of course he kissed me after that. But my mind was already out laughing at my hands. Now I feel I am a big girl and more than just in intimacy,I have learnt that unless I am helping,I should keep my hands to myself. Hey you,pick that lesson too.

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