Songs of Lawino

My husband has read much
He has read extensively and deeply
He has read among white men
And is clever like white men

And reading has killed my man
In the ways of his people
He has become a stump

He abuses all things Acholi
He says
The ways of black people proud
Are black
Because his eyeballs have exploded
And he wears dark glasses

My husbands house
is a dark forest of books
Some stand there tall and huge
Like the tided tree

Some are old
Their barks are peeling off
And they smell strongly
Some are thin and soft
The backs of some books
Are hard like the rocky stem of the poi tree
Some are green
Others are as blood
Some books are black and oily
Their backs shine like
the dangerous ororo snake
Coiled in a tree top.
                                     Okot p’ Bitek

I came across this poem in one of my old books and it gave me a thought,why not share these poems on your page. So here we are. Going through it gave me nostalgic thoughts.. Of the time we read it in class, six years down the line and of a time I am yet to live in. I imagine my husband on such kind of lament,hunae I am sorry I have to attend to my fiction family too. I have heard movie lovers complain of the emptiness a series they have been binging for a while ends. Regardless of the ending,whether it had suspense or was plain the void is irresistible. Book lovers feel it deeper. There are days when I read a book to understand a theory,a phenomenon or just for the fun of it. Through the course of my reading I pick up a favorite character and own them up. I am a fast reader but I could take weeks on a book because I am living within the book. This poem made me feel like adjusting my reading habits but well since no one has complained let’s keep up baby. I hope to share everyday my favourite poems frequently. In the subsequent ones,I will include reviews too.

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