How not to cook

Whoever said every lady should be a good cook was everything but fair. I mean there’s a lot more we can do way better than manoeuvering with expertize around the kitchen. Now I know life may never be the same after admitting plainly to being not so good a cook. In my defense,I wash dishes pretty well–if that can stand in for good cooking.

Today like every other day,I hadn’t planned to make the many meals like I did. It usually strikes me during or after meal time how much I have prepared in a single sitting. A total of six grown up guys working at home,four mechanics and two fundis not forgetting the five of us(my family). I had made githeri yesterday which in my mind was to be enough for two more eatings* don’t look it up because it’s not even a word. Shock on me. My superpower and that of thousands other women is,apart from multitasking, back up. I decided to have the githeri for the labourers and have a different plan for the rest of us.

Fried potatoes and thick tomato stew is what I settled for. Interesting,right?Before y’all start an anticipation of overcooked stew,overly salted potatoes or burnt this that, I want to deflate that hope early enough. This segment focuses on my messes as a cook or rather in the kitchen. I hear that smart people forget things,well I am three smart people in one. That’s how much I tend to forget most especially important things. I didn’t remember to cover my hair or have an apron on.,best put I don’t ever remember. The result is spilling water on my dress,soiling it with the dough I had prepared and having my hair smelling like burnt firewood. I was frying githeri on three stone,potatoes over the charcoal jiko and black tea on the gas. At one point I got carried away,not exactly deeply engrossed but gave the black tea undivided attention . Githeri was almost getting burnt and not to mention the oil burning itself out over the jiko. But I hope you’ll agree with me that dosing sugar on tea needs attention and precision.

In the evening my peach dress looks bad with the yolk like stain right below my cookie jar. Then I think of how a simple act of having my apron on could save me the irritation of looking at it through the rest of the day. I’ll have to shampoo my hair tomorrow. Dress up for the occasion appropriately and have a cookey week loves.

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