Who you got?

This is one question that has been with me for longer that a couple of guys combined. It’s typical of kindness for weakness. The idea of helping and staying around for what’s worth,and when it’s beneficial. It is human survival instinct to strive,engage keenly when the benefit is clear and assured.

I went to see a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. I am poor at keeping in touch and this gesture folks deserved an applause or an appreciation and matching excitement in the very least. Pardon my over thinking Alicia if read you wrong. Moment of silence for the wasted apology because there’s no way Alicia’s going to get them(she hates reading). Roughly half an hour into my visit,she gets a call and as courtesy has it she left the room. One  thing, another then she’s needed at a friends place urgently. Now I am seated a couch away from a lady as stern as it can ever get,who can only relate with me from a distant point in her past as a memory she don’t really like. My aura spreads quick and I pick up random conversations about hair,health and the hype of our teenage days. We made lunch together and at one point we shared a laugh so loud that I wondered who really was my friend here,Lish or her mom. Then I got a text;Honey,please cover my back. Tim and I are out of town.

Out of town? Amid this pandemic and lockdown regulations? Tim? Thought y’all were done a month ago. These I texted back on my head and managed an okay with a love heart emoji. I was having a hard time managing  house chores and the seriously strained relationship between my mom and I was not getting any better. I had gone to Alicia’s to talk and talk and now she’s on her way to God knows where and here I was in her house planning a lie to bail her out. Begs the  question, Who you got?

This is one girl I would leave anything I am doing for. In  inclusion, a basketball training,kidding I don’t like training that much but this girl…Careful on how often you’d stand up and defend people who would leave you for Tim and ask you to bail them out,because you got them that bad. Who you got?

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