How not to cook

This should be an upside down recipe book,how else do you explain getting instructions from someone who’s not an expert? One that collects and compiles the wrongs. If you come across an ingredient or spice that you aren’t so familiar with,worry not. Maybe it doesn’t even exist. Before you question the whole purpose of writing this,please refer to the titlešŸ˜Š

This side of the world is on its post pandemic days. Partly cautious and mindful of the rising curve and partly open to a whole new world*. Partying without care. I understand why dogs confined in kennels rush out very fast with the slightest free opportunity they get. With eased restrictions comes a lot other re-openings,schools topping the list. However the entire multitude of students cannot resume schooling at once. The ministry of education decided to have finalists in school first. This means the long covid holiday has come to an end for my two sisters. In my element,I fancy memorable goodbyes. I was up for one to my dearest sisters. My elder sister requested for a cake. I purposed to leave work early the next day and have the baking arrangements in place. This cake better be good. I have baked a total of three very successful block cakes and this was gonna be the fourth one. In previous ones it always got better.

I feel like reminding you this,I am not a great cook. In fact I think I am a bad cook that makes good meals at irregular intervals. This confession is tough for a lady my age. Any time I start cooking then I experience a minor hitch I know I am up for a messed up outcome. The hitches pile up and I serve them duly as an accompaniment. On this particular evening,I reach for the charcoal jiko and realised the clay lining the inside was broken. Mom was using the other alternative I had. #1. The wait was long for someone with patience my size . I prepared the dough* and only when I was about to begin baking did I realise I had forgotten a key ingredient.,baking powder. I hurriedly added it on. #2.

I thought the heat was balanced. Dad kept complaining about it. I didn’t heed because this was my show<rolls eyes.>#3. My time ticked right. To my surprise,the cake wasn’t ready but I had already had it out. This had no remedy. I sat there with my ill baked cake,overly done sugar and a beaten face. What would otherwise have been a lovely one last time cake cutting turned out to be what it was. I learnt this ingredient that I should share with you. How not to bake a cake like mine,be proportional and listen . I blame the rush I had. No one had forced me to make that cake at night. Every good meal needs time to prepare both the ingredients and the meal itself. Now you know,don’t rush.

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