I have wanted to be consistent with my writing for a while now. To myself and everyone who cares to listen I am a writer. A fiery writer that compares to a lion in the least but in essence it feels like a cat rained on . I have broken the unwritten golden rule of existence: positivity. But I believe in the truth and if my truth is negative the only way I can get to work on it is if I admit to it being a flaw.

New month means new energy. As though it won’t be the same people that broke rules over the last weekend of the month. Ain’t we the same people who make promises and vows,resolutions and directives which we completely disregard without a tinge of shame or guilt? It’s good to dream and keep the hope of change alive,that right there prompted this writing.

Over this month I’ll share my Thanksgiving and appreciation posts to everyone that has brought change my way. Those that pushed me to move,those that moved me on a daily basis. Papsy has to top the list. My dad is a teacher. I avoid writing about him because,if I make it a habit,he’ll end up being subject in all my writ ups. Not like it’s a bad thing,quite the opposite.

My dad is a voice in my head. He supports most if not everything I do. The weird thoughts that no one gets,he’ll gladly take them up without question. To every not so good decision I make there is the other reasoning that allows me not to beat my self about it. That other side,that bright note is who papsy is. He switches up gears pretty fast. One moment he’s badass bossy and the father then in another he’s a father. He teaches even when I am not paying attention. He has a willingness to repeat a concept over and over without getting enraged. I write love letters to him on father’s day and hero’s day,on world teacher’s day too.

I am grateful to my dad for being a great dad and friend. One of the prized lessons he’s taught me is to fight. This will be a great motivation throughout this writty month. He didn’t teach me how to fight,he taught me to know when to fight. Sometimes the best response to a fight is peace. I argue with that last bit and I am convinced that I am not alone in that. I hope that you’ll understand the art of war as this year winds up. Raise that toast to my ole man.

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