By the time I settle on writing about this,I am yet to decide what title best fits. This becomes one of the rare moments when yours truly writes on despite having a solid reason to wait a little. Mama and I share a relation close to the one above. We rarely ever in the best of terms,not that we quarrel. We alternate on feeling good about this or that. My kind of liberal thinking clashes at a focal point with her flatfooted, old school reasoning. She mostly is very rigid in considerations and suggestions and stays headstrong to a stubborn extent. Mama is firm. I am too. But she’s the queen,she has to call the shots.

I see pictures and stories of mothers and their daughters twinning and goaling sprawled on the internet. Not mine,you don’t dress like her ever. You like her top? It can easily be yours for good. That shoe,you like it? You have it. You think her belt is beautiful, keep it. The narrative changes when it’s her turn to receive. Her choosy eyes scream a bold no even before she tries on whatever it is you bought her. Worse still she can pick it and never have it on.

On a month like this I am grateful for the discipline. I may have missed out on having a mom who’s my bestie,but I have one that is a Mother. Strict, old school and very passionate. I don’t confide in her but I learn a lot with admiration from her. Thank you mama for the warm,timely meals and tough love.

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