Writing about hearts of gold 1 was an experience I have not had in a long time. I promised to try out this thing called consistency. I was two minutes shy sleeping or even less then it hit me that if I didn’t publish anything yesterday that would mean a 48 hours tops streak of missing in action. I woke up and managed a paragraph of thanks, which I decided would be in series. It felt like rushing home to beat curfew or last quarter of a seesaw game. I feel proud of the somewhat messy passage that I managed.

I felt the pressure I believe gets every young adult to get a source of income whether stable or not, one that can help sooth their excesses. Job hunting feels different if it’s not purposeful. I went to a local TV station which turned me down in the most polite way possible. Then I decided to pay a visit to an old restaurant with a big vision and heart to restore it’s glory. Small talk with the small manager who instructed me to draft a proposal of my ideas which she would forward to the patrons and chairman. Bureaucracy is that you? My excitement could not fit in my body,I shared it with anyone I felt could handle it with me.

Karen Matete,that’s the name of the small kind manager. She gave me a call later to remind me to include the estimates of my proposal,I felt honoured. The post I was looking for can fit under PR officer or social media influencer in a posher place. This slot wasn’t available but Karen did what Karen did. I was to start getting paid a retainer salary of 9000. Not a lot but quite something for a nonexistent post. School happened which meant the job ends but that lady Karen,still engages me in getting her minutes in meetings. She believes in me like that.,unwarranted. Thank you Karen.

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