Ode to my youth

I want to mention early that the title is stolen from a piece from one of my favourite female veteran ballers, Lisa Leslie. Basketball. There’s a lot I can say about this game. From the much love I have for it, to the heights it has seen me soar to. Might not be so high but it sure leaves fond memories. Some which I doubt will ever be challenged by any thing ever.

This piece comes in at a time when I had high expectations; of how this game was going to season my Christmas broth,how it was going to get me home nice and easy and this coming weekend was going to be my premiere game in the big girl’s league. The excitement was however extinguished when the list came out and yours truly was not in it. All my plans and hopes came crumpling down in one very neat pile. I know this won’t last, I’ll get to the beach and have all this feeling wisped off my throat.

This frustration won’t stop me from acknowledging how great this game has been to a girl. It gave me friends who became family,friends to kill for,first time ever huge money chunk,trips across the country.,i loved the game and it loved me back. Gave me a partner,doe eyes. The athleticism that is required of me as a player has always been a reminder to keep fit and I believe it has always done the same with my mental fitness.

Thanking people who won’t see isn’t far from thanking things. This doesn’t make it less necessary. Basketball,thank you for keeping me sane and happy on muddy days .

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