Survivor series

This is my narration of the little things which meant a lot, things I barely survived through. Weekends are for basketball,free days are for basketball and when the need is ripe,weekdays are for basketball. In a busy week of work without pay,million worries,thousands of cares and hundred over expectations an off day is a basketball day. I forgot my phone inside dad’s bag. Unsure of when he’ll get back I decide to follow him to the bus stage. I didn’t catch up. I had to wait a whole hour tops at the bus stage in my training kits. I sighed when I was handed over the phone. Training starts now. I was almost soaking in when a kid stops and tells us,the guy who was here moments ago has stolen a phone from that bag and points at my bag. The same phone that had me waiting a whole morning away. Flame(coach) and I follow him. Yes we caught up and he beat him dirty,just one blow though from a black belt holder is dirty. It’s the same phone I am writing on this piece. Grateful to God .

  • I left home in the beginning of November headed to school to sit for my exams. The journey was different. The government had banned night travel,which meant we had to sleep on the road*. It takes 16 solid hours to travel from home to school. I didn’t have a house in Mombasa which translates to refugee on the move the entire exam period. Not having a stable source of income,or any whatsoever made it even worse. I survived regardless, on God.
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