My body likes to tell me things.,sometimes it even disagrees with my mind.

My body wants attention because my body is a baby

My body asks questions and sees things

My body gets angry,then begins to act and react

My body is afraid of change but reeks revolution;it says I want more sugar directly to my veins,then a bloat follows soon after. It says look for money,we need money then withdraws from the scene. It says if we hit the gym we will be better at basketball then sink in to thinking about how bad broadened shoulders look. It says we need to weight up,then insists we should wait up and weigh it up a little.

My body is a temple,my body is a zoo. Sometimes we worship but most times we are empty. The animals come to life and fight then they sleep. Some animals come to character and overpower others almost always. Then put up a fierce façade. My body is a book my body is a muse. The codes change but the message still remains. The cover page is still as appealing as it was when it was published in the late years of the last century. The muse delights in simple pleasures and loves the setting of the sun. The muse is open to ideas which only happen in the virtual tours.

This body is golden when dull and regally tanned when the sun is overhead. This body..

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