An injury changes something about you. Physical hurt may alter how you look,walk,talk among other things then there’s the brain that memorizes the pain and gets you all cautious whenever you are facing anything close to how you got hurt. This has been the story of my life for two months now. When my energy is clean I see things,beyond basic vibrations. On this particular day I didn’t want to do layups on the left side of the court. The floor isn’t safe,mark you I have trained here for four months or so,but this day felt different. The coach insisted on us doing the left side lays then we played. I had dribbled passed and shot the fear away. Just when we were about to be done for the day,my ankle twisted. This is one injury yours truly dreads. I put some ice init then proceeded to train in a better court. In just one simple mishap the ankle twisted again and that was it. It swell and became very painful. I began to think about all the injury stories I know of,how bad basketball injuries especially ankles can get. I took a month of before entering myself again . It has never felt the same again. My normal comfortable bounce feels strained,instantaneous turns are such a luxury now. Then it hit me,the vulnerability is lost.

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