I think about this guy almost as much as I think about food. For the record,I think about food every three hours after a fill. I am still confident enough to say I don’t eat a lot,I mean,do you see any evidence on me? No.

Champ has played a pivotal role in my life from the time I knew him. He’s easy to love and even easier to please. You could be on a random errand around the house which in turn melts his heart heavy. This same person has been an inspiration to most of my writings. He usually is the first interviewee if I need another voice in discussions. He’s not a great reader but he goes through the blogs and compliments . His corrections also sound so much like love gestures too.

While coming up with this compilation he was all over this girl. I called him my kitten as I massaged through his hair,flashing smiles. You know how kittens get stubborn when they want attention, that’s champ for me. Broad shoulders,cool composed voice and poise rugged hair but still demands some loving like a helpless domesticated feline.

He brings out a side of me I didn’t know existed. I have such a capacity to love,you can tell from my very bold broad smile. But I didn’t know I could be as forgiving as well until we fell apart. I find it easier to forgive,all thanks to Champ. Close this year,big boy.

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