Because dream come true

Every time I stall in writing I get a sense of pile up. It feels clogged inside,looking for a better way to express it.. See how tears well up in the eyes when you hold them back then suddenly when you can’t they burst the banks open? That is the feeling. Then there is the guilt that at times is overwhelming,all other things I love to do somehow get done why not writing?

Today marks four days into a four year old dream. Basketball dream. I had always wanted to play basketball in the big girls league. In my freshman year,I questioned why the dockers, a team of such big repute didn’t recruit good players from my college team. That was when the dream came alive,to one time play for the dockers. Their style of play is magical. Speed,sass,strength and all the beautiful s that could describe a game. I want to say I worked really hard but that would be a lie. I was consistent on the dream and a little well directed effort. One little side note,I am very coachable willing to learn and ask from anyone I felt was fit to help.

In my sophomore year,I got more confidence. I was crowned MVP in a ladies tournament. Getting a reward for something you love is a great honour. Fast forward to 2019 when I was now noted by someone I see around my dream team. The management then offered to start a junior team and I was in it. Happiness. Still not the dream but close enough. The junior team competed at division 1,a league second to premier league,my dream. Our coaches insisted on this junior being a feeder team to the senior. This is when now I worked. When the season ended our team was disbanded and the dream came alive. I was promoted to the Big girl’s league. In a year that a lot of things stalled,one good thing happened to me,I signed with the dockers. That’s how 2020 is engraved in my mind.

I didn’t get to train with them until early this year which is a week ago. Every word that describes intensity,that’s how we train. Willing coach and even more willing players makes training such a thing to look up to.

On the first day, I struggled with my breath much but adjusted real quick on the second day. My muscles were sore. Stretched on yoga and rested on the fact that this is what I dreamt of. Third day us defense day. I am not very defensive. I had trouble almost the whole time,but the dream has to live on. So on the fourth we adjust and move. Dream on,they come true. Once it does,it need to be fanned to stay alive.

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