Church like mine

My school(uni) is right across the country from home. The small girl in me has never spent a single Christmas away from home. Last year’s wasn’t going to be the first. Getting back to school means 24 hours on the road. Bitter sweet journey. Sweet because of all the snacking and lone time to curl up in a book or blogs but sitting down for that long while isn’t funny. Remember that crammed space is still your sleeping space when night falls,that is the greatest downside for me.

On my way to school,must have been around Nakuru,I saw a fleet of churches. They were well sited right beside each other. And I was hurt..because church has officially become a business.

I have gone partying with my friends, at times because I wanted to but most times because I didn’t have much for a choice. When the litness* in one joint fades a little we send an entourage to check out the other close by clubs and advice if we should move. Mostly we move back and forth and by twilight we could easily have hopped into three clubs or split. This variance in degree of lit is present because competition is paramount in that line of business. Hopping is a seductive option because we have a lot to pick from.,we are young and so is the night.

Seeing so many churches that close together brought the hopping idea loud in my mind. Each church appeals different. Others have special treatment for new members, others have a great reputation of followups,others have the Marren Morris’ My Church kind of vibe — Hank leads the sermon Cash leads the choir and a lot other appeals.

Church as a body is supposed to reach out to masses unsaved and evangelize. It’s not of much benefit to move a congregation from one building to another,the gospel of truth is the same all over.

Back to that hopping idea,there’s always something people are looking for,finding their high,or cheaper drinks or have been chased by bouncers,or some because their friends moved. The other option is also readily available and willing to take in. Proximity is such a darling.

Let’s not make churches like this. Properly scout for a place where your soul will be nourished to avoid hopping by the slightest convincing.

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