Before anything

Eat first

This is among my highest ranked rules. It’s unwritten because I believe it goes without saying. I see intestines and get a formed opinion about slimy sauce. Here’s a list of the times you should eat first..

  • Your girlfriend has sent you the we need to talk text,eat. Not grabbing a snack,eat.
  • Your boyfriend sounds a lot like in a foul mood and he’s coming to meet up,sis eat first
  • You have a confrontation with a partner,neighbour,nemesis eat before hand
  • You have a deal awaiting to be signed,or a big interview that could amount to a partnership,eat
  • You need to make a serious change in space or shift,eat
  • The list goes on cos you need to always eat first. An empty stomach harbours a lot it shouldn’t. Of course I’ll say my sick joke: so that you can stomach whatever comes

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