Puppy love

I will tell my baby girl about kisses when her boobs start to itch. I’ll tell her about the magic on her nips and areola. If she’s a lot like me I’ll tell her to expect a lot of madness but accept none of it. I’ll tell her to keep her head high,because it can’t ever get any worse. I’ll make her understand that rainy days are for planting seeds of love which sustain you through and through. Seeds of love need no garden,tools or expertise. They need nothing to grow,they just grow. I’ll need my daughter to know that she’s a child of love and should therefore never feel deprived of love or loved less for whichever the reason. I’ll be the kind of mom that makes her say affirmations in the morning. Once again relive my dad’s country tunes love and play Kenny –my dearest Kenny Rodgers –If you wanna find love,go looking at home. I’ll play this song so many times till when she learns to sing it by heart.

My current read is rarasaur mtgwritter Damian,Lilian the home poet and long reads. I have been doing my most on WordPress readership. Of course I have a hard copy that prompted this writ,Chicken soup for sports fan’s souls. I am reading it as a sports person trying to understand the fan’s perspective of the game and how they handle their balls in wins and in losses. It has unlocked the not so happy ending side of story telling but I still struggle to put it down.

I learnt that parents always want to relive fond memories through their children both the good ones and the otherwise. This otherwise is home for insecurity,traumas,regrets and wishes. In my initial years as a player I had vowed to make my kids like and play basketball. Luck on a girl who wrote this on sand,I take it back. I still insist on going out with ballers though.

My first boyfriend wasn’t a baller. He was nothing like sporty. He mentioned severally that he plays hockey. That is a lie I let him get away with just because. . Cute. Very cute,not the beholders kind of cute,actual overload of good features,save for height. He was as tall as my 14 year old self. We will talk some other day about how I tower over him now. He talked to me nicely, took my number and proceeded to text me later in the night. I shared a cell phone with my elder sister at that time so me and my good guy had agreed to remain as discrete as possible. I didn’t know I was falling for him until I was a good while away and couldn’t find my way back basically because I didn’t want to get back. The spark in my eyes,cheer in my smile,longing in my voice a girl was utterly smitten. Then we kissed..then we kissed again till the days when we stopped over absolutely nothing. That’s what I call faded.

Now I hope Mia likes dog’s. See my daughter already has a name,Mia. I’ll get her a puppy to love and to hold. It’s from this puppy that I’ll teach her about love. Puppy love for a puppy. Then she’ll grow with the love or the lesson. Both would be nice though. I want her to keep love alive even when it’s faded. I am running out of words and space to say.,just so she may not be damaged early like me.

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