Period series

I have had a whole load of ideas over what I can write about reproductive health. This productive idea was birthed during the quarantine days. I tried doing stories on the same over voice recordings to be lined in as podcasts then.. Here we are. I wrote to a media personality about the same too. My intention of saying these and the much I am about to add is to emphasize that I am a reproductive health enthusiast. Most established writers advice against overly diversifying your writing in the initial stages. It chokes your creativity they say. I guess I took that over diverse pill especially on this particular area of interest. I have been torn between covering it from ladies side then it hit me the men’s reproductive health is as virgin as it could ever get. It only gets audience in behind the door discussions with medical practitioners after thorough coercion from a close relation mostly of my gender. I thought of taking that angle and nailing the entrepreneurial dream of zero competition. Then the conflict of having it tackled from a backseat left perspective as a lady arose. Writing period stories that ain’t necessarily mine would guarantee content day in day out. Only limitation would be my willingness to write. I officially want to declare that I’ll be all out on this one. Multi faceted approach. We’ll kick out with mainly period stories from both sides of the divide then progress to any other that will arise along the way. Forgive me if I derail and tell stories about food.

Bien venue!

2 thoughts on “Period series

  1. Hello my dear. I think shortening your paragraphs might make it easier for some of us to follow your train of thought. But that’s my ADHD talking. When I see a big block of text, my brain swims…

    Wishing you well. I’m also curious why you have a bunch of numbers in your blog “title” – it might be helpful if you can eliminate some of those or change that, so you appear less like a “bot” and more like a blogger.

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    1. Hello ,thank you for the feedback. I sure will look into it.

      About the bunch of numbers, I am yet to pay up rather subscribe to a domain that can do away with that . I hope I will be able to afford that soon


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