The stain strain

We all the same but boy every period is different. The variation ranges from cramping to flow to moods and that I believe is what makes our differences special. We can talk about the science behind all the afore mentioned but yours truly is no specialist. Allow me to feed you with the much I have,generously, stories.

Any time I have a conversation around matters reproductive health,I feel sparked and graced with ideas to explore in writing. However, I have never gotten to the bold point of talking about period stains. They are very random. It is this randomness that make it touchy. I am okay with telling a lady to embrace the stain and change up but truth is it’s not easy. Any period time could be stain time,especially if you use sanitary towels. Ladies become very cautious about the stain. You get up and ask a random lady check if I have stained,hoping you haven’t. In case of a stain,the dictionary meaning of panic doesn’t really house how it feels. You’re at loss of how you’ll get a clean cloth to change without announcing to those around you that you have mapped your dress. Bless you soul,if the place is public…

I had a photoshoot one time. I wanted to look like a bukusu moana . Face check,hair check and to the main event,the dress cheque cheque. Everyday is a thighs day for me,bank that. In a nutshell,yours truly looked great .Peach dress by the beach. The shoot went well till when we had to wait for the sun to set. My patience was well checked too. Upon getting up,I had mapped big time. I had a black dress which I quickly changed to and forgot about serving thighs.

I strained to have the stain off the dress. Not literal. That dress is always stained to my eyes. The bomb pictures we took before the wait will be a great reminder.


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