This is it

I was 14 and in form 2. My twin gazelles Chia and Shia as perky as most of my classmates but comparatively small .I was not bothered about it,insecurity is a faraway place I am yet to explore, especially on things I have no much power over. This kind of esteem has been a part of me ever since I could spell it correctly.

Most ladies,if not all,in my class had already premiered their red days. I was bothered just a little. This one fine morning after assembly I felt a heavy rush on my lower abdomen. No pain,no negative mood just one excited teen with a hurricane on that place now I hear them call baby pouch. I had waited for so long for my periods and somehow given up the wait. I rushed to the dormitory to pick a tissue,then I picked a sanitary towel too. In event that this hurricane happens to be the reds,thy servant is ready. Launch whatever you have.

Of course it was them. It had to be them. I changed my sanitary towel prudently after every two hours that day out of sheer excitement. I was finally a member of the pack. To date, I have never found a word for how that first time made me feel. What ensued was yet another close to six months wait which I was made to understand is totally okay. Every period catches me like that.,the rushing wind,the assumption then finally the guests.

I know nobody writes about periods like this. Plain,without facts just stories but folks this is it.

Bien venue!

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