Marching on

Hello March,

As we march on trying to match what could make sense and unmatching what’s not in our scope of reason and nerves,yours truly serves you a women’s exclusive. This being the month that sits Women’s day,by the power vested on me by absolutely no one, I declare this a women’s month. I have always wanted a prompt.,not that I won’t talk about period stories though. March on as we talk about issues girls ladies women in songs.

My girl Marren Morris takes us on that first wave with Girl. This is a song that speaks to a girl downtrodden to rise. It emphasizes on holding your head up and keeping your shine alive. It further brings to our attention that we all could grow and glow without interfering with each others spaces and halos.

Your crown don’t fit in my head

It’s a little too heavy to the sides

The spikes on it are a little too sharp

It’s kind of glitter isn’t my favourite

Not that I hate how you Queen

I don’t have to like it either

But that don’t block your sun

That don’t block your shine

We all have crowns anyway.

Thriving differently

My favourite lyrics has to be ..draw your comparisons,trying to find who’s lesser than.,I don’t wanna wear your crown, there’s enough to go around..

Girl get up and that halo vibrant.

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