So much behind schedule but well we here..Today’s pick is Alessia Cara’s Scars to your beautiful. I personally find the vocal chords in this song exuding a vibe of reckon making the song sound like a beautiful chant for ladies.

My own tale on this would be a perfect example of the magic in this powerful chant. The year was even and so was a lot of things around me. I met a boy,I loved a boy and was hurt by the boy. Yours truly was so much soaked in the chaos of a heartbreak and failed to realise the bloom of flowers around,the smell of rain and the thrill in her existence. I wish this story had a heroic turn where a girl is saved from her self in a perfect happily ever after telltale. My bestie who most of the people around me thought had eyes on me at that time sent me that song. I had my own very sad playlist on YT so it took me time before I gave this one an ear.

I listened to it dutifully like it was some anthem or a piece to be performed as a recital. The entire song is game_..she’s worthy of that beauty goes deeper than the surface_ this is what the class marches on with today. Regardless of the voices around and within, You’re totally worthy baby girl.

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