I am every woman..in my next life I’ll live in a ravenhurst or a raven nest and have Whitney’s voice coupled up with Dolly’s spirit. Experts say Whitney had aced her art so much that even when she skipped or missed a key you either wouldn’t notice or she would pick up another and musk gracefully. March on..

I listened to Sarah Jakes preaching that resonated much to the message in this song. As a matter of fact I feel it should be played on the background whilst the summon gets on.

If Eve,the good woman and our first mother wouldn’t have eaten the accursed fruit we would be out in a beach wilding never having to worry about bills. We all would be vegans and with abs maybe. My vibrant mind is eloquent in pointing out the much we are missing out all thanks to the good woman. In the spirit of girl stuff and talk, I need to connect with Eve in an interview and see what really drove her. I have seen spiritual feminists put up a front in her defense that maybe she was hypnotized or framed and a lot other baseless angles. In her sermon Sarah said she too has questions for Eve. I know you too won’t lack a thing or two to ask her. The good woman takes all the blame for human suffering,typical of most moms nowadays, her back must hurt.

We like to identify and associate ourselves with the good things in life. We speak of having Esther’s kind of favour,Naomi’s insistence,Hannah’s diligence,being a proverbs 31 wife and that thing ladies praise in the queen of Sheba. So many themes are drawn from the above during women’s conferences and ladies proclaim the same .What about the good first mother? Not much. We don’t realise that we are so much like her. In our judgements,we are always revealing an unhealed part of ourselves and yes we are Eve. We have had so many moments where we knew better,were in a position to do better and whether deliberately or not didn’t do better,that’s Eve.

Alexa, play me some I am every woman. When we take up the good roles let’s not forget how our human nature can fail us terribly. Difference is with Eve her one misjudgement construed to generations later across the world and mine/yours may have one two only to bear. She aborted,she cheats,she’s alcoholic don’t judge because sis you’re sinning differently and yes you’re every woman Eve.

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