Period stories

Growing up,I had this perfect picture of periods crafted in my mind.In the ads for sanitary towels,magazines and educative pamphlets,periods looked alot like a normal time in a ladies life. Kenyan ads on sanitary towels had ladies dancing while showcasing their pad brands. I dont understand why in this age and time they still make periods look like a beautiful girlie moment in a ladies life. I have been around so many girls in my life to confidently say thats no time to dance. My face is usually an active volcano,my sheet messy,my skin dry and crappy. Dont try to recommend a lotion brand that could work because i have a feeling i wont be able to stand its smell when in my ps.

I also thought periods are that one week lived on a red note.The entire ovulation period is a puzzle. The first week of ovulation is usually the last week of another( a fraction of it). First week means getting your stuff together one two liners then commando all the way. Then theres the second week which doubles up as mid ovulation nothing much happens you might forget youre a lady.Third week is the ghetto. You may be slow one two cravings and some the breakouts show up. All gail fourth week of all moods flailing,cramping,bloating and tgen tge rains. All this all year long…i now understand why man had to sleep when God was making a woman. God doubles up as the greatest artist. Most artists make masterpieces in private.

In a nutshell periods last four weeks.

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