Love story

I love stories. I have stories. I love love stories. I have love stories. Here’s to me. For writing my first love story. I am glad it has a picture with it too. That heart shape is my love story.

I do not like doing laundry. That area within the heart shape,the skin has been severed by laundry. Perhaps the detergent was too strong for my hands. I am done scouting for what would be favourable. But it gave me a basis.

I love the story on my hands. How delicate it is. Yet still looks strong and has a strong grip. I love the story on my hands. That got damaged after a good course. I have a story on my hands. Of hurting but still soldiering on.

If I had a tattoo,it wouldn’t wash away. And it word hurt. My hands don’t need that. They need me to be as gentle as I can. Even without the ink,my hands tell a love story.

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