Period stories

I am the type of girl,the small fraction that doesn’t walk around with sanitary towels. I lost count of the number of times I have had my periods show up when, I am away from home and I didn’t carry with me not a leaf of pads.

One time I was sleeping over at a friends place. This place wasn’t really hers. Her brother had travelled upcountry and left her as custodian over the house. She then invited the clan over to cook and drink because that’s what comrades do. My mood was sky high. The night was beautiful. Then we slept. I woke up still feeling excited . I had white tights on. Then the soldiers knocked. I woke up the host see if she could have a piece,nothing. No luck in searching the house because this is a Bach pad. I rush out to see if I could bump into a lady on the stairs,any lady to save my day,zilch. I pace all the way up to the rooftop,then downstairs still nothing. Then I decide this is it. By this time my white tights are stained a great deal. I woke one of the guys up,he was kind enough to get me pads. I have no idea how menses switch up gears once you pad up.

The next random time was recent . I was out with a love of my life. Of course I have many loves,many lives,welcome to my feline world. Then I felt a rushing wind on my under belly . I rushed out and redid the drill. Pace downstairs,see if you can bump into a lady then borrow her pads. Luckily I found one washing by her door. She gave me two pieces. What stood out about her was how she handed the pads to me. She had folded her hands and held it behind her back. Immediately she handed it over to me,I ruined her mission of top secrecy. I held it nicely and she appeared a little uncomfortable about it. Well sorry ma’am. There’s nothing shameful about my periods. I thanked her and left. I met up boys on the stairs who looked at my hands,my face back and forth. I flashed a smile and walked on. I would love to note importantly that there has been no one time when I borrowed a pad from a lady,or heard a lady borrow pads and she’s given a negative answer. If she happens to be in a group at a public space and her clique doesn’t have a single person with spare,they all set out to get her a piece. Bless up Eves.

Aha,this I leave training and head home fatigued from all the practice. I pass by a shop then remember I don’t have sanitary towels and its almost end month. Since I didn’t have hard cash,I opted to pay via mobile cash. There was a pack of guys at the shop but I didn’t mind. While still paying up,the shopkeeper (a guy )handed me the pads. I didn’t see. So one guy carelessly notes ungemfungia ameogopa–wrap it up, she’s embarrassed. That cannot be me. I carried my goodie by hand all the way home.

To most men,ladies are embarrassed about periods. Which isn’t much of a lie honestly speaking. Just not me,I am bleeding and proud of it. The only thing I am hiding is my WhatsApp status. Grace pon y’all that you may learn to bleed proudly.

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