Make the world a better place

I am sorry I had to use that cliché. But I promise you won’t regret reading this till the end. Here’s a master plan lifted from a masterclass of a psychologist guru; ignore the weight. There’s no guru and no plan,just a writer with a big heart and height to match. In one brief statement however,here’s how to make the world a better place,love then laugh till you cry.

That last word,cry,baby cry, is what prompted this writ. When a child is born,the first thing it ever does is cry. I have been to a maternity ward and around maternity stories for a good while to confirm this. A child is considered normal if s/he cries. Those that do not cry are spanked till when they cry. I have theories which explain this phenomenon which I insist are personal much but I will share them here anyways.1.The air out here is cold and weird
2. The faces around it are busy and not necessarily cute
3. Play ground was small but cute in the inside
I could go on but that would make me divert much.

When the baby grows to a certain age they are taught not to cry. Sometimes soothed with pleasantries and promises that would make them stop crying. Then they become young adults whose truest show of bravery is holding back tears. I believe in tears being an outlet. If you hold them back there’s something you may be messing with in the inside. Tears are among the most vulnerable of all human expressions. Much later in life,those who step easy may seek a therapists opinion on loss,failure or traumas. While opening up the tears flow willingly.

Why then can’t we be open to ourselves and allow some good eye cleaning,raisimg up kids who are not afraid of crying. I know you know somebody who won’t give something or someone else a chance because of how it hurt the first time. Just cry. The world would be a better place if we cried a lot more. Cry today.

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