I walk everyday in the Lord,that’s how I stay fit. I am glad you smiled. I am an athlete that doubles up as a fitness enthusiast.I sell training apparel,so you know that the passion is rooted. My goal today is to inspire my great readers to run.

Long strides and some speed have always made me fast.Outside the track and court,I am always on the run. You too. The chase is continual and ends only at death. That is the run I am here for.Fret not,you need not buy the apparel just yet.

Most Christians are eulogized by that famous Paul verse,Finished the race and Kept the faith…
What are you running from?
What are you running to?
Why are you on the run?

Running has always been my first instinct. Little wonder though why i haven’t ran away from home ever. But there are a couple of things and people that i ran away from. Some races were mandatory and noncommital* others were unnecessary. But even those that were not really necessary kept me in shape,win-win.

I have missed the starting gun a whole loads of times,pulled out from one two many races,took some runs that weren’t meant for me. I raise a toast however to all the races I have taken part in. To the ones to come i hope i will remember to carry water.

See how athletes get ready for a race? That’s how we should be. In constant practice and embrace all races that come our way with a competitive heart.
All the best in your consequent runs. If you don’t bag the trophy,please stay in the race to the end.

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