Congratulations on marriage

Come ye all

From today on

Call her by my name

Call her my own

Come ye all

From today on

Shes my home

I put a ring on her

Raise kids with her

Be thee witnesses

Of this great love

Dear priest,i agree

To treat her nice

Be thine her peace

Only death cant i stop

From coming between us

Tgey all clap and cheer

Celebrating newest couple

Who seal it all in a kiss

How then do I face this same crowd

And tell them I have dropped your name

How do I tell our kids

That the love we shared has expired

How do I convince my folks

That the good son left me

How will I tell my mother

That vumilia got me crying most nights

And that our matrimonial bed

Held me and four otger ladies

How do I tell my dad

That the son that took me from him legally

Has dropped the law from his title

That he threw me out of eden

And stripped me off his name

So when you say congratulations on my marriage,

especially on my wedding day,tell me about the worst

Tge good have I well seen,

In operas and books,movies and lies from boyfriends of my youth.

Say congratulations,say it true.

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