Hello and welcome to my blog. I want to say it’s been a minute but that would be a petty lie,a girl will not knowingly book a slot to litcity( hell) over a minute misconduct. It has been a month of no activity in here. My sincerest apology to myself for failing a consistenct test for the (lost count) longest time.

I was having a random conversation with a long lost friend. It is at this point that i wish to state that most of my writs are prompted by randomness. So while conversing,catching up and seasoning with a few disses, she mentions how i am such a people’s pleaser. I am pleased she’s frank and bold at noting that. I am the type to put up a front of defense except when the opinion cannot be supported by facts worthy of my attention. This allegation is one of such exceptions. There and then we talked at length about a couple of things save for my people pleasing habit.

I love people and i thrive in love. This typecof living has been mistaken a number of times. Trying to explain it to guarded type of people will sound like a desperate card of validation. I mentioned to my long lost friend how I am readily available to most if not all my friends how i want. I don’t easily cancel my plans for anyone. If i dont have a very kind answer i will not pick your call. If i see no need to explain i will not return a message or a missed call. I have no business saving your number if we cannot talk on the daily. I have no business texting back a guy more than thrice unless we making transactions or my heart is getting involved.

That was such a diary moment that leads to this: in all your interactions,be intentional. Say it with your chest. Its a trait that saves you a lot. Even when you’re misunderstood prolly because of packaging or general assumptions,be intentional. Have yourself an intentional time of year loves.

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