Most broken hearts in one

I took my good friend to his good friend

And the night was long

From all the catching up on booze

And a few puffs.

The girls there had a place in the kitchen

I hear mother say the kitchen is the heart of a home

Here they talked matters of the heart

Mine was silent and full so it went to sleep

Next day I took a stroll to see my boys

And kept my phone far away

Not because i didbt want interruptions

But because none would call anyway,cut the weight

They say communication is key

Not quite clear to which door

I keep keys to padlocks

I have long lost

So this particular evening my hearts is heavy

All the girls assembled in the kitchen

Making a meal, another walks in

From her appearance and narratiins

Her hearts haevy too

The men are calm and composed

Culprits responsible for these heavy hearts

That night was unusually cold

So many broken hearts under one roof

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