Way home

I will preach to my daughter

A gospel of plenty and love

Of truth and grace

I will teach her to be kind

To hold back insults only

To speak her mind always

To forgive easy and let go

To believe in good

While totally aware of evil

To believe but still reason

To try even when she wants to cry

To thrive against most odds,be fly

They say home is where the heart is

I’ll teach her to find the way home

And no matter how bad it is,her heart

should find peace,be at home

Sometime last week, I needed find purpose. My expenditure was way out of my hands. I was heavy on my debit card with no inflow to my credit card. Nothing seemed to be in the right alignment. Oh save for my workouts which on the flop side were way too heavy. My good guy had insisted i shouldn’t go home. I still went because I am stubborn like that. I found peace in that loving and said a small prayer; Lord I pray that it never gets to a time when I cannot find my way home.

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