It has been a month long tops of not checking up on my loves here.,soooo whats up good people. Love and light your way,in your journeys and thoughts. So I have been busy doing life lazily and hazily, getting angry at the things I cannot change and hoping to change quick those that I can change. I must say it has been tough, some of these habits are atomic and somewhat etched to my existance. Again love and light is all I wish for.

An old friend dropped by to say hello and stayed a while longer than a couple of days.I am glad she did.

I am feeling that intuitive reckon closeby lately.

I am out of shape for most of my favourite things.

Made sad by the one thing that makes me happy.

Overwhelmed by my position in peoples lives. If i died today love would be the strongest i have ever been.

Too much pain from what started as a basic wound.

Bad long day on a merry day.

My delta

Me and kids

Well I promise a good read for all the above listings.

8 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I am so glad you said this! I meant to get out for a walk 2 hours ago but my hyperfocus tends to make me forget. Getting a little self care is important for us all.

    What are your favorite things that you are out of shape for… maybe it’s time to read the “back issues” of your blog…soon. Wishing you all the love and light you need, amiga.

    Accepting the things we cannot change? Oy, you are speaking to me! I would rather we change the things we cannot accept. Like a world that is not kind to people… and systems that oppress us. You’re not alone, dear Veena.

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