Friend appreciation post

I have a friend who is alot like me,in so many ways including looks. She’s my refined version; more creative, bolder in expression and encounters.
Sometime last month, a day after my birthday she gave me a call. The silence that ensued in between the exchanged hallos and other little pleasantries was perhaps for the bulk of months summing to a couple years we had stayed apart.

Then i let out the softest of my screams;no way. I had been looking for someone i could open up to about my regrets and mistakes for a while. This(search) had gone on for sometime and all the stacking up within was beginning to take a toll on me.My mental shelves threatened to break,my emotional safe not so safe. Dead stock needs to be taken out somewhere.

I heard her call out my name how only she does,in a way i had long forgotten but unknowingly longing. Alot had happened in the three years tops of her abscence and i was going to fill her in on it all.

She cancelled our first two dates which i proposed on my convinience. I was hurt. Love does that. Then she showed up on a game weekend. Her hair is short now,but she still embodies that same aura that twines nice and easy with mine. I wonder where she sourced the guts to cut her hair. We didn’t hug tight but my pieces, for a moment of grace were at peace.

again i feel tge urge to note that i am a believer in a lot of things,newly found faith is shifting. Everything you need will find its way to you,my best friend did. Best believe.

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