Brushimg through the content on my blog space you are most likely to come across one kinda sorta safe writer that treads carefully not to step outside topics out of my comforts. T opics you are most likely going to consider safe is what i majorly write on. however the kind of content that intrigues excites and somewhat seek to define me a little too deep are not the safe ones here. in my defense though i like meeting people with my soft side and having them understand that soft could be safe too. having said that allow me to introduce something controversial., sexuality.

I would like to categoriccally note that this may pick a bias of religion alittle bit because that is what i align and identify with mostly. Social media has taken over every thing social. theres the good in this which go without saying and part there of is the observation leading to this write up was cultivated from continual observation of peoples social media profiles. a thin margin of error though on people living a lie- a different life on social media compared to that they live in real life. but again behind most social experimental lies and facades lie a truth that is a close relative.

in my interactions and strolls in the social media streets i have come across flags that describe peoples sexuality. honestly speaking there are times when i wish people would mind who sleeps in the bed they make and let every other they dont make or sleep on be none of their business. thinking about it again brings to my attention the word BOLD. if really those that choose a path contrary to mainstream are proudly bold* about it then it gives us the chance to debate about it and therefore write about it.

so what flag best defines you?

there is a surge in the seven colour flag on peoples social media bios. PRIDE. love is love they say. love is… sounds better with me . love is how you make it., complete it how you will . this leaves room for anyone to be proud and bold , personal much. to all this i would also like to note that in this age of social media alot of people are seeking a group to identify with hence bandwagoning on any that suits their billing at that given time.

the description that ensue after the footing of the social flag makes it even a more complex discussion. i have seen more than one pronoun describing a persons sexuality. at this point i can also feel my self sound like a grumbling christian grand mother. again i am old school like that. the complexities of pronouns keep widening and just when youre about to sigh and stress peacefully yet another is released . it almost sounds like a movie series or iphones with release date after release date. my favourite is human–humxn. i havent recovered from this and that other one of having pronoun them and their<drops head dramatically>.

what could be looking like a cool trend or harmless bandwagoning in search of pleasure and full sexual fulfilment may end tragically. woe unto those that plunged in unknowingly. If by any chance you feel that this topic is farfetched and unnecessary then i solemnly remind you that it could get messier. stand by for the next part of love is series.

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