I dont really like kids. Notice how delicately avoided the word hate or any other strong a word that would get me crucified. Funny enough though,kids like me,most times.

Starting from my most recent experience… I am privileged to be part of the a team that is in the big girl’s league in my country. This is a dream I could do a novel on but anyways…so my team is dotted with personalities and habits of all kinds. Professional athletes are workmates and that four corner space is our office. Being a rookie I have suited up for my team once, such an honor, the entire season. This means most times throughout the season I was on the bench,clapping, cheering and handing my workmates water and towels during their shifts.

This particular day however was different a teammie had travelled to the game with her daughter an adorable 2-3 year old bubbly just like the mom. I had taken my place at the bench shouting my loudest as usual when I noticed mama Z was distracted. Her daughter wanted to be held every time her mommy was on break; half time,time out, sub. Maybe she didn’t look at me but she did look my direction and asked for help with the baby. I took up the responsibility and teased her around as a distraction it didn’t work then I tried moving with her to a different corner. She kept crying. Her mother signalled me to take her out of the gym, well..

I ended up in the gymnasium’s canteen and bought her snacks. That did buy me some peace to get back to the gym and watch the rest of the game which was well spent already. The mom played a lot better I hear and thanked me not<audacity>.

Back at home at mamas a number of two year olds show up at the gate every day to see Vee. I hope I get a chance of asking them when they are all grown why they kept coming to see a grown up. They should have answers because I don’t. Mommy laughs at it every other time to think that I keep insisting that I don’t like kids but they keep coming to me is hilarious much to her.

See I have a natural way around kids mostly and when I buy it, I don’t lose it easy. But I would never volunteer to babysit or play around with kids unless there isn’t any other option. A couple of excuses could sit in for this from well I don’t have a solid one yet but those younglings are quite something you know.

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