The time is a while after 6:30 and ofcourse i was up already making breakfast. I dont like picking calls that early,if you have bad news better text a girl. I love breaking my heart on my terms. Margin of error for exceptions that dont really have an explaination.

my friend on the other end of the call has a pleasant story to share and immediately i ruled out how this was a worth breaking rules for. I am not an outdoor person by call let me explain it; i love going out at own will,i dont care who you are or what your reason is,coming over to my place is the most reasonable option we have non negotiable. If yhis paints me rigid,take it easy on judgement,i call it intentional.

My friend showed up at my place pretty much later but in good time to serve her breakfast. I had pretty much on my slate this day and all the options i was suggesting were all geared toewards  not leaving my place. she had been threatened on phone and was not relenting on having this looked at by an eye of authority. i was not going to let her down. i need an applause at the much i do for friends, my back aches.

i did forget to add how i dislike leaving the house with an empty pocket. not that i am into snacking like that but rather Mombasa is pretty much hot and for relativity the temperature is almostalways at 36 tops celsious. i have been around here for five years or so but i still aint accustomed to it.  again since the streak of breaking rules is on how about we honour it and keep the game on. we walked all the way to the police station under the midday heat.  not so bad, i had sun glasses on.

this was my first time at the police station and i was kinda nervous because a girl was losing virginity. yes. new developments to this case that i had not known, they( my friend and the purported criminal) had been in communication for over two months. here i was thinking this was a total stranger issuing threats. i had plans to meet up with my boyfriend later that evening i called in to cancel quick. do i sound like i was in a party running late to cook for my enstranged partner? exactly how i intend to have it come out. what started off as a few minutes of reporting and leaving escalated to a wait somilar to labour.

while waiting a group of ladies come to report  a guy hurting the wife.  the two had been together for over  two years and were party animals drinking cheap liqour from a joint to another. vegas for a lifetime. so a sister to the lady decides to intervene  and sends the sister to a rehab. the guy comes and causes a fuss with the neighbours claiming the wife has ran off with house hpld goods. there was a manhunt for the lady who is in a rehab. well i didnt sit there long enough to get to the end.

a young man who may not be a day above 15 comes to the gender office and i tune my ears to get the juice while waiting in line. this kid had been molested in school. the mother was too beaten to talk the dad too embarrased to stay composed the boy had a blank stare in his eyes. aargh, i went for wipes.

our turn comes an theres a chinese inside the office who has stayed in kenya a while to be tribal in his descriptions. kenya does that to most people who sit in high offices. he noticed we had an OB number and he didnt and his threate were a great prompt for this  writ. he said if they dont give him an OB number he was going to call the top police boss or better still mr president and i was wowed. he has the presidents number? well now he has mine too and well we may end up in one whatsapp group with the top legislator how cool is that? i will keep you posted on how the government will be run,regards,Viv.

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