How we’ve been

There has been a whole lot of events around me and please remember to forgive my most uncreative title

Holidays for me,have always represented a time to head home. I have never really planned what to do while at home just be home thats it. I sat for my final paper and the sense of detachment had a sudden arrest effect on me. Here is a place i had called home for the last five or so solid years. Made friends,memories and a fair share of enemies too and here we go goodbye. I dont know if tgeres any sane person that loves goodbyes. I had pictured my stay as cosy and smooth with very little trouble to write home about but we dont always get what we want,right? I have a tonne of lessons i didnt take in class and a tan i didnt intend to get. Oh and a human too. Basketball happened too. A steady rise then stalling somewhere at the peak of my dream.itfelt like waking up midway a beautiful dream with a slap. I hope the dream dont die though. While at it i keep a grateful state of mind because all things happen for a reason. Oh and i did lose a friend to suicide,very brilliant ball of energy that one. On that relocated note,we still cant afford a journal but well..,that is how we doing right now,still,gratuity all the way.

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