There is alot to say about this very historic and important day for women. The women in my life are amazing. my online pack is also quite a force . may you be rooted on your femininity alittle more this season. also why are women associated with pink.? dont tell me about softness of the colour pink please. drop acomment on why pink is used alot on women.

I have been alot like that women they do pilot scripts about. The villain who has it all and has nothing tangible really. I am slowly learning a culture of little to no complaints because that is what believers do. Well that said here is why i am here..

i hail from a country with undeniably the highest number of online bullies . there has been domestic research that ranks Kenyans on Twitter as top notch bullies . They get into arguments with virtually anyone that dares to irk them in any way. they are so compact and have multiple pseudos making it very hard to track any down in an attempt of taking legal action against the verbal abuse they put people through. the bullying culture is so deep rooted that even own president was bullied out of twitter space. when asked later why he left the platform he dully noted that kenyans are bullies . in light of all these, there has been a viral video of a woman being harassed in her own vehicle by motorists. one woman vs a pack of 16 motorists. i had joked about attending classes of martial arts so i can learn self defense. after seeing that video i can only attest that fighting back such a huge number of people and men for that matter for touching you inappropriately- groping is only possible on set. so I cancel the martial arts class .It sounds like a classical joke to an illiterate audience.

i have come this way all blurbing and digressing so what really is the course or rather personage to this write up.? after the video went viral, the usual turn of events took course. women with titles took to their social media accounts to strongly condemn the incident. the next day which is today happens to be IWD. They went on with the tags and strong messages in their platforms. does this sound like a rant? because that is just exactly what this is about. my country has nurtured to maturity a culture of bullying so much that it is pointless to think any online campaigns and affirmation can even remotely amount to a solution to any physical problem. much less one as deeply rooted as sexual harassment. one thing begins to stand out, that maybe the problem is beyond us.

i chose my blog over my diary for this rant because i believe i could get honest feedback on what can be done going forward beyond just messages of strong condemnation and task forces

i just remembered this one time as a finalist when i was almost harassed. coasterians are identified as a perverted lot of kenyans. their swahili slangs are sharp and vulgar much. i am a a sucker for minidresses . so i was donned in my favorite small skirt going to class. then boom an old guy pulls over in his range. i returned his greetings but kept walking because i didn’t like the ogle show he was trying to pull. he then went ahead to say that if i gave him a chance with me, i will flow with milk and forget my name. he said this loud enough that nearby motorists laughed and clapped at the absurd joke. they even added that people dressed like me deserve to get raped. the guy in a cool ride is still driving slowly by my side. i entered a nearby hotel to catch my breath. if i was light skinned you would have traced the flush on my cheeks. i was puce with rage.

when i got out one motorist was waiting outside. he asked me how much i wanted and stretched out his hand towards my thighs. i summoned my spirit animal which usually is a dove but it came as something of a lioness. i hit him so hard across the face and told him the next time he comes after me i wil kill him. students were already starting to gather around us. he turned his motorbike and fled. i hear nowadays they call me yekuza. the catcalling when i don short skirts and dresses ended.

i wonder how many women could be facing the same on a daily. some have ben groped while wearing baggy jeans. for fear of being attacked the more or being gang raped they cannot be Yekuzas. for how much longer will we suffer under thirsty perverted bullies? how much longer will we lift fists online and do nothing tangible on the ground.

nothing happy about this day honesstly. my heart aches.


  1. My heart aches, too. It’s suggested that we get “equal” with these men. I don’t want equality, that would make me just as bad.
    I’d suggest that you move to my country, but the war against women is just as bad – it’s just more secretive, and subliminal.
    We can only move forward, if we support each other. This has been our biggest struggle.
    But, I support you. Even if it is thousands of miles away.

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