how not to cook

its me again with a recipe but qiuck look at how we have beeen doing after the last time we were here to rant. My hair and skin have been popping with nit a single special routine and i am taking videos for the fun of it. maybe this is the best we will ever have, or it gets refining all the way down who knows. I havent cooked a solid meal in a long time because i have been on transit. What else puts me on the wheels more than the balls i bounce? I went to the other side of time to dribble and we fell short of the big trophy because fatigue. They say winners dont have excuses, so thats the most i can gather before i sound like a loser.

I havent been home for 3 months but for these months i was a cook for hire at no fee because thats what girls like me do. Moms has a tendency of overbearing. She will do her chores and stretch to yours too just not laundry. She keeps cooking and she makes her meals pretty fast that you barely get some flavour out but well.. you know what they say about mothers always being right.

so after the homesick and transit i sit in the kitchen and make a meal for my ususally very big family. saardines it was . mom doesnt stalk her kitchen with spices because she doesnt use them because her health.. even the bare minimum of tomatoes . so yes i sit to make my stew and boom i notice she indeed has nothing to fry the tomatoes with all while the oil is already heated up.

i decide dto crisp up the sardines and the first criticism came from dad. i cant quite recall his exact words but it was something of new crisp in town. ah next time you making a meal make sure you check up all you need. basic ,right? no this is not about food.

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