Of April showers

It has rained for a couple of days now. The meteorological department in my mind needs just one more day of mild showers before we register rainny seasons innit.

That intro was in my mind for a while and its safe to say its officially sunnysidedown days. April has the gayest sky. April has the brightest sunsets. Dont google,its not proven just yet.

I am a creature of habit. My favourite has to be journaling,the writing that i engage in uncompelled and for my own good. With a keener consideration however,i think i do it for mines and others well being too. Here i go again with my favourite toxic trait of romanticizing everything in my life and exeggerating my position in peoples lives. Pass me my dues and a crown in tow.

With the gay skies,we still managed to savour most days with a level head. Towards the end,i did a number of very personal videos addressing myself.

Other days,i listened to loud blasting music,proof of life and actually believed that it gets better. I sang out loud and hoped. Other days,i would lock out the rays and flip and turn till when the bed cannot take anymore of me. That is when i got up and curled in my phone. Bills and debts long overdue messages serve as goodmorning. There is no other way to spending such a day other than sulking and soaking in.

I serve my breakfast late and without proteins so i can let my body use up its reserve. Slow on the chores because how else. No music on such days.

We await may,with open hands. Be kind

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