Of hustle mentality and burn outs

Responsibility,of any kind calls for consistency and a lot more. I was lacking in both and not liking it. Talk of the process not processing. I delibarated on creative block knowing too well it aint it. There has to be something else.

I am the tiny fraction of creatives that dont have a creative process. Just irked randomly by the slightest motifs and we are creating already. The danger to this type of free fancy will is one day,someday or most days you wont find anything appealing to write about.Then you are drowned back to a whole load of days without content to share. Then follows the guilt of not being good enough a blogger.

The trigger to this self effacing thought is the emails that bombard my mailbox from creatives who i have subbed to their work,effortlessly simulating content on a daily. Then comes the idea to force work to fit the title on the badge you wear. You begin to write anyway and half way through theres a strange smell and a strange type of feels. Coming from the trashy compilation infront of you.

The cycle starts all over again like a loop. Never ending.

But i am making peace with how i take up my creative space. See,i acknowledge that i am cut differently and that uniquely. A special niche.
Understanding that i dont have to do it like anyone else. Frequency and tune are not all similar always all the time.

Welcome to my world. Oh and i discovered much of my good writs are manufactured when i am journeying to some.place. my brain likes it when we move.

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