I have seen a lot of analogies on the greatest of human senses,debates and validations for each. I am not here to make an analysis or draw a conclusion. My opinion may not be loud but it’s worth a moment. I read somewhere that eyes are the windows to one’s soul and I couldn’t agree less.

I have grew up admiring feminists and generally the vocal ladies in society. I wanted to be like them, better than them. I would correct their posture,poise and presentations. In their position I’d be way better than they are. As years progress the urge became weaker and the will almost dead. I read a lot and this helped me realise greatest power is that over self. The famé for fame was replaced by fulfilment of the influence within,which reflects on the people around me. When the willingness to start writing struck, I wanted to write about feminism and perhaps stroke the desires of the young girl I once was.

I opted to take an angle not tapped before,the Bible. The creation story and fall of man presented the first twist in what was to be a smooth ride. This therefore influenced this piece of writing. Change of heart notwithstanding. So the first woman,Eve was convinced by the serpent if you eat this fruit you’ll begin to see. Sight was the catch. After she and Adam had eaten the fruit they saw that they were naked. If you want to see what you shouldn’t be seeing or what wasn’t part of the initial plan you’re most likely going to see a mistake. Feminists see things differently,in inclusion those they could easily overlook. Sight is still the catch. After seeing this like this I can’t call myself a feminist until I get proof from the good book to echo my voice. Guard your eyes.

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