How low the law goes.

I am officially switching to legal affairs,consultancy and advisory roles. With immediate effect,my blog becomes a platform for the encounters I have had from moot to real court and other corridors of justice. I will miss talking about kitchen hacks and random feels but well,the switch up was necessary. I know you didn’t see it coming and I hope you’ll.. Cut. I know as much about law as I do about cricket. That should tell you how bad I am. I should also bring to your attention that I had always wanted to be a lawyer. My grades and our good placement happened. I would be out here making legal jokes in jargons as complicated as any entanglement can get. I can however make sober arguments and refer to the constitution,statutes maybe,an old case. My interest today’s specifically on children. Apart from being protected by family and loved ones,children are also protected by the laws of the state. The Kenyan constitution under the bill of rights – chapter 4 – states that life begins at conception. This automatically means that abortion is a crime and right after birth,a child becomes the state’s property. I grew up when corporal punishment, both in school and at home was no big deal. Discipline was instilled in whichever way the senior person felt was fit enough. Then the 2010 constitution happened banning corporal punishment in schools and at home. Gradually,it has been adopted slowly to now being fully in place. Recently, there has been concerns in the conduct of young people,especially school going children. With the pandemic at hand,they are on an infinite holiday. My heart goes out the parents who get provoked,angered and cannot punish their children or rather raise them how they were raised. I am quite convinced that the rod of discipline really is helpful. The law cuts it into pieces. Sex predators have been prancing on younglings, taking advantage of this times. This time the law becomes a little lenient. Remind me why we want to ‘protect’ our kids from discipline while failing at keeping their innocence safe. Don’t get me wrong,rapists and molesters pay quite a penance. Let’s not forget the kids who get impregnated by fellow kids. Proper discipline could keep a check on this atop a watchful eye. This issue is close to my heart because a friend of mine,close to 10 years younger is pregnant. The guy responsible is a few months older than her and he’s taken off. I was caned by mama, talk of discipline by fear. Tell me how low should the law stretch?

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