In the thirtieth minute into the game they still are looking for one person. It’s getting late,almost night fall. Soon mothers and elder sisters will come calling. Those who won’t are almost certain of a serious whooping that awaits them when they get home. They have to call it something,guess they’ll call it a day. The next day they all are curios to know where Bashir hid last night. This is a story of my favourite game as a kid,hide and seek. In a group not so large you come up with a criteria to see who gets to seek while the others hide. Sometimes it got as unfair as the last person to get to the playing field. I call it unfair because my play mates used that a lot to get me on that seek end. That’s the only way they could. If I run out of ideas of where to hide,I’d exchange t-shirts with a friend and hide close by. The seeker would then point me out but identify me with the other person’s name (original owner of the t-shirt). By doing this we say ameokoa,translates to saved in English. In a much simpler way the seeker gets to seek again. This game is popular among the kids in my hometown. There are lots of trees to hide behind,old tractors,store houses,cowsheds to hide behind ,beside or inside. I am yet to see it as much as it was back then when I was five and over. There isn’t as much space in backyards,old tractors are sold of as scrap,the granaries are not there anymore. Kids on the other hand are largely drawn to computer games and indoor games.

I loved this game as a kid and as a young adult I just remembered it and all of a sudden life feels so much like it. I hide behind smiles,laughter,make up,good dressing,voluminous hairstyles, composed posture and much zeal. All this in an attempt not to look as tired,hide a scar,gained weight,weekend hangover manifesting behind ugly eye bags, anxiety among other numerous adult scams. Difference between real life and my favourite game is that in real life you don’t know where your seeker stands , what they’re looking at or when they are looking your way. They may fail to find what there looking for and find yet another bigger and of much interest to them,which may happen to be a ghost in your closet.

You move gradually from hiding in a game to hiding bigger things(like feelings) then you move to hiding smaller unrealistic things like online status,kidding much. If I got one chance to play it one time in my adult days I doubt anyone would get me. Here’s why,I have learnt to hide so much for so long. When I am very much stressed,I always yearn to get lost and keep saying I need time to find myself. I stands for us those that this game make sense even in our adult days. How about we meet for a simple hide and seek folks¿

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